Era Tower, the tallest building in Bahrain which is under Era Bahrain Real Estate, started its construction in the year 2006. This building is attractively situated in Al–Seef in Bahrain. A freehold 51 storey residential skyscraper, it has all the amenities provided in the tower itself. This amazing masterpiece was declared with a height of 185.0 m in the year 2011 by Era.

Considering Seef, it is situated in the right side of Bahrain where it has become a main place to live for families. On an average pricing – ‘SEEF is costlier than many places in Bahrain but it is an area that features towering skyscrapers, premier hotels, luxury apartments, and office buildings. Renting a 2 BHK apartment would cost around 600 to 800 BHD. It is bordered to the north by the wide coast of Arabian Gulf. Investors are eager to buy and developers are competing to build towers here as it is a place of attraction.

While considering the tower area, it has 1000 – 1500 Sq. ft. and around 400 luxury flats available for lease and for sale. And the price range itself is affordable for a luxury apartment, it costs approximately BD 10K – BD 50k depending up on the number of bedrooms. Moreover the tower has close proximity to malls like City Centre, Seef Mall and Moda Mall. Apparently the tower offers plenty of services such as outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam and separate gyms for men and ladies. Along with all the facilities the tower provides 24/7 security and parking within in the building.

Apart from the urban lifestyle and places, the location has also nearest attractions area which includes: Karababad beach (3600m) and Water Garden city (1000m). Era tower offers spectacular views from the apartments; the amazing city view and the soothing sea view are amazing. Era tower is winning hearts by the unparalleled service provided to the clients since starting. Visit Era tower to experience the most affordable luxurious life.

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Taking expats into account, Era tower is one of the matching options. The freehold apartments are very convenient to be owned with legal support. Main attraction is that, it is fully furnished and interiors are done by the designer experts in Bahrain. Investing in Era Tower is never disappointing because the value will increase eventually in coming years and real estate growth is unbeatable while considering the history. Apart from that why one should in invest in Bahrain is that, it also has an excellent educational institution, healthcare and shopping facilities and young educated bilingual local workforce. Investors insists to invest in Bahrain as it is the best p place to invest, and these changes will raise Bahrain’s value in the case of ease of starting a business and stimulate Bahrain’s choice as a location for prestigious international companies and create quality jobs for citizens.

Get an apartment for rent or an apartment for sale in Bahrain to live the high end lifestyle in the dreamy apartment of Era Tower!

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